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Situated between mountain resorts and the beautiful shores of numerous lakes and rivers, residents of North Idaho are in the enviable position of straddling the best of both worlds. Once you’ve chosen the right destination, choosing the right builder is no less important. At Edwards Smith Construction, we understand the trust you place in us to make your dreams a reality in this gorgeous community. We don’t take that lightly. Whether your intent is a luxury estate or a summer residence on the lake, a simpler dwelling or a bathroom or kitchen remodel, Edwards Smith's passion for perfection is evident in every detail – from the things you see to, perhaps more importantly, the things you don’t.

Maybe you desire a mountain theme or lodge-style home utilizing big timbers and stone. Or, you want to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a more modern or contemporary design. Whatever your goals are, our standards will never waiver.

That passion for perfection doesn’t cost more; it’s just a matter of paying attention, says partner Andy Smith. Together, he and Jim Edwards bring over 60 years of experience as custom home builders to North Idaho communities. And, because some lots – whether on the side of a mountain or overlooking the lake – present unique challenges, you have the added assurance that Edwards Smith Construction has the experience to deal with and resolve any complexities your home may entail.

Edwards Smith Construction is dedicated to making the process of building as painless as possible by ensuring open communication, quick response when you have questions and dedication to finding the best solutions to any challenges as they arise.

But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to check out our website portfolio and then give us a call (208.765.8602). We’d love to give you a tour of some of the homes we’ve built and share testimonials from our clients. Whether you are looking for artistry, attention to detail, the best value, great communication or reliability – you’ll find it all at Edwards Smith Construction.

Changing Trends

Andy Smith of Edwards Smith Construction exudes knowledge, clarity, and a keen understanding of and commitment to perfection. Andy shared his insights on current trends and why people live in the Inland Northwest.

What attracts people to the Inland Northwest?
This area has so many great things to offer - the beauty, the affordability, and four seasons of activities. As one client put it, this area is the 2nd best at everything. It may not have the best lake, but the ones we have are pretty spectacular. It may not have the best ski mountain, but it has some great ones. It may not have the best weather, but all four seasons make it a wonderful place to live. It may not be number one at any one thing, but it’s right up there. That’s hard to find.
How are design choices changing?
Elements like wood and stone are mainstays but look for major differences in how they are used. Mountain theme and lodge style homes call for big timbers and stone. Modern contemporary is simpler and doesn’t require cutting down the big trees. It’s more edgy, more mindful of materials, and tends to have less square footage. Walls of moveable glass open indoor areas to the outdoors. People want dual use, to extend the seasons and continue the outdoor experience. Think covered outdoor areas, full outdoor kitchens, fire pits and heaters in the ceiling and floors.
Different age groups have different priorities. The younger clients, 30 +, place far more value on technology. They want to be able to run their homes from their smart phones. They will choose complex home operating systems for heating and cooling, security, communications and entertainment. Since these systems are sometimes more sophisticated than those found in commercial buildings, these clients need a builder who has considerable experience in this area.
In the 50 + age group design choices are being driven by future needs and the concept of ‘aging in place.’ There are more requests for all main floor living and wider hallways and doorways and amenities that are wheelchair friendly. Basements and a second floor are for the grandkids and guests. There is less focus on resale and more on function and design features that will allow people to live safely and comfortably at home until they can’t.
What do you want people to know about you, Jim Edwards, and Edwards Smith Construction?
I think both Jim and I are extremely lucky men. We wake up in the morning excited to get to work and to a job we love. Not everyone can say that.
At Edwards Smith we define custom a little differently. We pride ourselves on working with clients who want to participate in the entire project, from start to finish. We even limit the number of projects we accept each year so that we can give each one the time, attention and expertise it deserves. We spend hours with our clients before and during the build. It is of paramount importance that our clients receive the education they need and deserve to make intelligent, informed choices. Then, throughout the entire construction process, we make recommendations and suggestions. We’ll even produce drawings, build mockups, whatever it takes to help our clients make informed decisions and keep within their budget.
Our clients are truly ‘homeowners’ because they have owned the whole experience and helped build a home that with proper maintenance and care will stand the test of time. We quite simply are committed to and experienced at building incredible homes that exceed expectations. At the end of the project we know we have given our all and done our best and it shows in the finished product and the client’s happiness.

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